The book is out; a big thanks to all who helped

Well, the book is now published and I am just hoping that everyone likes it.  It is not meant to be a scientific veterinary tome, I wanted to write it to show every horse owner/rider of any level how to develop the horse of their dreams, and how to help prevent injury.

As always, writing a book is not something that you can do without help from a lot of other people.  Most have given their time and services freely.

Linda TT The one person that I really wish to thank is the fantastic Linda Tellington Jones founder of the TTouch method of working with animals.

Although I have been working with proprioceptive techniques combined with long-reining over poles in rehabilitating horses for nearly 40 years, it was Linda who made everything so much simpler for us all by encapsulating proprioceptive work with Ace bandages (so much better than the stable bandages I used to use) and devising the labyrinth method with poles.  By combining my techniques with hers, remedial exercise has become much simpler for the average horse owner to achieve on their own.  She has been so helpful in sharing some of her vast knowledge with me, and the final chapter in the book could not have been written without her inspiration.  I urge everyone to read as much as you can about Linda and her techniques, she is very inspirational

Then there were all the professional photographers who let me use their images free of charge just for a credit in the book and special thanks go to:

Sam Pawley

Marc Moggridge

Nico Morgan

Hannah Ray

Helen Morrell (for the thermal images)

Then there are the riders who graciously allowed me to use them and their competition horses as studies:

Naomi and Amber Franklin (and the fantastic Lazy Acres Buccaneer or Barry as we know him) of the Lazy Acres Event Team

Sarah Stretton of Stretton Eventing (and the super talented and cool Skip On II or Bobby as we know him)

Kerry Millership of Friary Stables Rehab

Then there were the visuals:

Walter Varco of Equine Articulated Skeletons

Lex McKenna‘s superb anatomical illustrations

Russell Guire of Centaur Biomechanics

And last, but by no means least, my mentor and PhD examiner Hilary Clayton, for writing the foreword.  I wish her all the best for her new sport horse project.

Thank you to my publisher Lesley Gowers of J.A. Allen Books for commissioning the book and for allowing me free rein to produce what I wanted to, and to my Editor Jane Lake for correcting my typos and syntax.  Lesley, Jane and I think we have produced a fantastic book and we hope you will all agree.

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