Important information for ASSVAP members

I am trying to sort out the dreadful mess which has arisen over the proposed ASSVAP/IRVAP merger.  It is clear that all arrangements made by the previous owner are very unsatisfactory with some ASSVAP members being refused full member status with IRVAP.  This includes, amongst others, TCAP graduates who are very unhappy.

In the circumstances I am strongly recommending that ASSVAP members join RAMP (Register of Animal Musculoskeletal Practitioners) and not IRVAP .  All full members of ASSVAP are entitled to join RAMP regardless of their original qualifications.  This is via the RAMP “Grandfather” Clause and is available until the end of October.

I urge you to join as soon as possible to secure your future.  I know many of you have been told not to join in the possibility of AHPR being formed.  This is still pie in the sky and I have serious reservations about its eventual role (if any) in the Animal Therapy Sector.

The book is out; a big thanks to all who helped

Well, the book is now published and I am just hoping that everyone likes it.  It is not meant to be a scientific veterinary tome, I wanted to write it to show every horse owner/rider of any level how to develop the horse of their dreams, and how to help prevent injury.

As always, writing a book is not something that you can do without help from a lot of other people.  Most have given their time and services freely.

Linda TT The one person that I really wish to thank is the fantastic Linda Tellington Jones founder of the TTouch method of working with animals.

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Training of Veterinary Physiotherapists

Animals deserve the same high quality professional treatment that people do.  Surely that is not a controversial statement?  So who can answer the question “why are undergraduate veterinary physiotherapy students not receiving the same clinical education that undergraduate human physiotherapy students are receiving?”  Please feel free to post your views on this blog.   [Read more…]

Why equine water treadmills should be banned

I have been promising to write a blog on what I perceive to be the evils of water treadmills for horses for some time.  Finally got around to it.  I will try to avoid a rant!!!  [Read more…]

I thought I was supposed to be semi-retired??

Have not had a chance to blog for a while because my life seems to get busier and busier.  Only a few more days until the end of the shooting season.  Dogs will be glad of the rest, but I must admit that I love my shooting days, and the season is far too short.  But finishing off with 3 days in a row so will probably be on my knees by Sunday.

The new book “Horse Movement: Structure, Function and Rehabilitation” has been through the final stages of editing and is now with the designer.  Had an email from Hilary Clayton this morning (she is going to write the foreword) saying she is really looking forward to reading it.  Make sure you have it on your list for when it becomes available in March.  I must admit that there has been an incredible amount of interest in it pre-publication, so my co-author, Lex, and I are really looking towards doing all the promo stuff.  Will be in my California practice in March and some of my clients are going to put on special events to mark the book launch, so really looking forward to that.  Particularly looking forward to some California sun.   [Read more…]

How can we maintain professional standards of vet physio when “bums on college seats” seems to be taking over?

I harbour grave concerns regarding the undergraduate training of veterinary physiotherapists.  Those of you who know me and/or have trained with me will know that I am passionate about animal welfare and the high quality practical and scientific training that must be given to trainee Vet Physios if animal welfare is to be maintained.  I have worked long and hard to ensure that the profession of veterinary physiotherapy will be recognised as a highly skilled adjunct to the treatment of injured animals and athletic conditioning of animals used in sport.  Just when I think we are on the brink of convincing the wider veterinary profession that skilled physiotherapy is paramount for a good prognosis, I feel that the training of veterinary physiotherapists is being unacceptably diluted to the extent that it will put the profession back years.

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My new book

Things are hotting up at Williams Towers as the book deadline approaches.  It is now officially called “Horse Movement: Structure Function and Rehabilitation” and will be for release in Spring 2014, published by Allens, and you should shortly start to see the promotional material.  Lex McKenna (my illustrator) is busy putting together some fantastic illustrations that will make this book the functional anatomy text to end all.

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Exciting times

Well, it has been a very busy start to 2013 at “Williams Towers”.  The talks regarding the regulation of non-veterinarians who treat animals started on 9th January and I was there to represent ASSVAP.  Our Administrator, Elizabeth Elliott, has been working tirelessly to bring these talks about for the past 12 months, working through various political contacts.  Well done Elizabeth, I hope that she gets all the recognition she deserves for this herculean effort.  Currently 17 organisations are represented, and it is likely to take 2 years to work through, but the journey of a thousand miles and all that!

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My Fabulous California Trip

My treatment trip to the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley in the mountains above Santa Barbara was a great success, after an unauspicious start.  I got to Heathrow only to find that my plane had been delayed for 3 hours!  As you have to check-in for transatlantic flights 3 hours before departure, it meant that I had 6 hours to cool my heels at the Airport!  Luckily, I was flying Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy (highly recommended), and no-one was in the seat next to me so I had the whole section to myself to spread out.  This was just as well because the normal 11 hour flight turned into a 12 1/2 hour flight because we were battling headwinds!  By the time I finally collapsed into my room at the Los Angeles Airport Crowne plaza, I had been on the road for over 24 hours.

Next day I awoke to beautiful California sunshine, picked up my hire car and drove 2 hours up the Ventura Highway to Santa Ynez.

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